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Legian Paradiso Hotel | Special Rates
Hotel Rating: 3 stars
Hotel Location: Jl. Legian No. 118 Bali
General Information:
You might call it magic, or you may simply call it good service. It is a fact that most guests keep coming back to Legian Paradiso Hotel after their several visits in Bali. Do not be surprised when you hear a nice forty-something woman recalling that it was the 8th checking-in she made in this particular hotel. What is the catch? What is the gimmick?

Legian Paradiso Hotel occupies in the busy street of Legian, where numerous shops, art markets, and excellent clubs stand in lines. The perfect location is actually one of the deceiving tricks the hotel preaches. How can you resist such temptation to shop around the hottest district in Bali? It is only a three-minute walk all you need to arrive at the art market or the branded fashion store. Besides, if you ever get bored with shopping, which is so unlikely, continue few steps further and there you have the superb splendid view of Kuta Beach. Learn to surf or lie down sunbathing on the sand; enjoy your life as if that is the last day of your life. Kuta Beach is totally awesome.

Anyway, it is not hard at all to find Legian Paradiso Hotel. The Mediterranean architecture allows us to immediately recognize how the hotel stands out among other fussy buildings in Legian. Save your appraisal yet until you check out the gawking swimming pool. It has cute seal statues in the middle of the water, which springs out streams in three different directions. The swimming pool also marks as the center of the hotel. It is besieged by two-story buildings where you will make your pleasant stay during your trip in Bali. There are only three room types offered, Standard Garden View, Deluxe Pool View, and Legian Paradiso Garden View rooms. A simple suggestion should help you in deciding what to have. If you are looking for fun, order Deluxe Pool View. In this way, you will never miss any pool actions that just might entertain your weary eyes. A distinguished choice of Legian Paradiso Garden View tantalizes wealthy guests who are still making money on their pleasurable trip. Well equipped with an adjoining living room to the bedroom, this room challenges anyone who states that business and fun cannot walk side by side. In fact, Legian Paradiso good service enables you to have breakfast served in this special room. Altogether, beautiful views and high-class comfort are the second strategy the hotel utilizes to charm the faithful guests.

Most newcomers compliment the complete and up-to-date facilities as well as services Legian Paradiso Hotel owns. Once again, the breathtaking swimming pool always mesmerizes any witnesses after long hot day in Bali. The hotel also supplies comprehensive fitness center that accommodates what a great body shape requires. Another exquisite feature is the spa and message treatment. Never leave the hotel away before you lie down loosely and taste acupressure massage. It unites deep strokes and stretching techniques that will soothe and unravel your tense muscles. This is definitely a suitable choice for those who enjoy firm massage but less oily wrapping. Otherwise, you can select the unique warm stone massage. Instead of human, stones will be arrayed on your stiff back and will energize you up after an hour or less. Nevertheless, the most interesting quick service Legian Paradiso Hotel proposes is the tailor-made wedding events. Just within 5-day prior notice, a couple may seize the chance to celebrate their undying love by holding up a simple ceremony and reception. Two instant options given are Balinese or Western style. Then, meticulous details that include theme, number of guests, dining selections, and so forth will follow the arrangement. About the dining, it is the best and easiest to grab a menu from each four different restaurants and bars inside Legian Paradiso Hotel. Pergola rules seafood dishes and Acapulco greatly serves scintillating Mexican food variety. Meanwhile, Kecapi Restaurant delivers international selections buffet and poolside Coconut Bar yields fresh juice, beer, and tropical cocktails. In the end, words are not possible to reveal all the excitements in life. Stay for a night or two, and then ask yourself later, “Should I book Legian Paradiso on my next visit to Bali?” Surely, the answer is a “must.”

Transfer Rate: USD 10 from airport per person
If travel alone, it will be charged as two person per car.


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